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Support the Change

Attend our Summer Concert Series.


Check out our Facebook page to stay up to date on upcoming events, and stay involved. 

Summer Concert Series 
Music for a Cause, May 25. Join us to start the conversation, gain valuable resources that WA has to offer, and connect with your community. See you there! 

Be a Sponsor.

Join our cause! Become an event sponsor and start your journey to Change the Narrative! 

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Order your shirt and hat, start a conversation, and change the narrative. $25 each.

Change the Narrative supports locally, women owned small businesses. Order your T-shirt from Wild and Wanted Tees below! 

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Wear the merch. Start the chat. 


Get Involved.

Join the conversation. Change the Narrative meets every 2 weeks at the Lacey Veteran's Services Hub. Please send us a message here for details and join the movement. 

Become a resource. Change the Narrative seeks to share resources available to first responders, military, veterans, and those seeking help. Does your business want to partner with us? Reach out, send us your website logo and information to post to our website. Post our logo to your site and send your audience to our wealth of resources. 

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